Dani Gerbard

In order to successfully meet our commitment to fulfil your wishes and needs insofar as the artistic experience is concerned, we have a select catalogue of artistic designers and culture and business-related managers with a long track record in their respective areas.

On a daily basis, Golden Arts Platform deals with terms such as passion, eagerness, commitment, profoundness, sensitivity and a job well done. Similar concepts have been used by marketing for so long that they have lost their essence and their original meaning, becoming mere bastardised clichés.

By viewing all types of feelings, emotions, attitudes and reasoning as blank slate, we no longer know where excellence lies and are immersed in a sea of prosaic confusion. Hence, it sometimes becomes such an arduous task to distinguish true authenticity from what is purely banal and accessory.

Authenticity is similar to a hidden treasure and, like treasure hunters, Golden Arts Platform strives to find these unknown wonders worthy of being discovered and bring them to light for the enjoyment of our clients. We are moved by passion and true Art, we are eager to share this with the sensitive appreciation of others, we believe in the profound commitment of doing this through our intuitive sensitivity and in a job well done and we love the fact that you have –and are given- the opportunity to savour our work.

Whether you are an individual or represent a corporate organisation, we therefore offer a range of artistic services based on quality and authenticity:

  • Works of art –personalised to suit your needs and on commission- for gifts: music, paintings, books, plays, comics, etc.
  • Production and organisation of à la carte artistic events:
    • Music concerts.
    • Drawing, painting and sculpture displays and exhibitions.
    • Poetry recitals.
    • Story-telling.
    • Theatre performances.
    • Audiovisual productions.
  • Production and organisation of the above expressions of art on a smaller scale in your home.

Daniel Figueras,

Artistic Director of Golden Arts Platform