Golden Nights BCN

GOLDEN_38x50_golden_fcbkJ. S. Bach in flamenco style

With wine and  Iberian ham tasting

The Tireless Sower is the Dani Figueras’s new musical project consistent of eleven pieces from Johann Sebastian Bach’s repertoire interpreted in flamenco style. With sincerely and humilty admiration the great baroque master is revisited ­between bulerías, alegrías, tangos, rumbas and others palos flamencos (flamenco styles)­ establishing an intimate and spiritual dialogue between his music and flamenco music.

 Tickets Price:

  • Adult: 32 euros. (VAT incl.)
  • Younger than 15 years : 23 euros.(VAT incl.)

The event starts at 21:00


  • Reception and cup of cava.
  • History of Estanco.
  • Concert Daniel Figueras, part I.
  • Wine and Iberian Ham tasting.
  • Concert Daniel Figueras, part II.

Running time : 2 hours


ESTANCO (Cueva Romana) or