logo_golden_artsTargeting clients and artists, our dual platform of top-quality, comprehensive services specialises in two fields, both of an exclusive nature:

  1. The organisation of events.
  2. Offering and promoting artistic services and works of art.

While aimed at companies, groups and individuals, we also serve as a platform for artists to ensure:

  1. CLIENTS can find an original, personalised answer to their wishes and needs, spending the least amount of time and obtaining the best results.
  2. ARTISTS are able to devote the maximum amount of time on completing their artistic projects, focussing on what fulfils them: producing art!

In short, Golden Arts Platform seeks to link artists’ talent and sensitivity to clients’ enjoyment, firstly in order to meet the needs of the latter and secondly to ensure the professional and personal development of the former.

A sensitive, romantic project. For the love of art, as one might say.

The snail: the G in Golden Arts Platform

The centre of the spiral of Golden Arts Platform holds talent dressed in sounds, shapes and colours that is amplified during its creative process and is perfected to become a conglomerate of beauty at its peak, when it explodes to the delight of our senses.

This entire process –inspired by the snail as a natural element- forms part of the philosophy and objectives of Golden Arts Platform.

The snail and the project in themselves produce a vibe that is intrinsically connected to concentrated form of beauty known as Art –in each and every one of its most different shapes and meanings-: music, painting, drawing, writing, performing…

Pere Casanova,

Managing Director of Golden Arts Platform.